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It's Official: Lindows Is Dead, Long Live "Linspire"

It's Official: Lindows Is Dead, Long Live "Linspire"

"Today," writes CEO Michael Robertson at the new Linspire site, "we're announcing our new name - Linspire."

He continues:

"The new name incorporates the notched L we are known for, 'Lin' from Linux and 'spire' which means pinnacle. More important than what people think of the new name initially, is what they come to think of it over time. Few people who hear "Motorola" think of radios for motor cars, but that's the heritage of their name. Motorola's products and services now convey much different meaning to consumers. Lindows will face the same challenge with our new name. Most computer users have never experienced Lindows, so we have a chance to make that all-important first impression. We will work hard to make sure Linspire comes to stand for affordability and choice as well as ease of use."

And so, bang on the April 14 deadline as promised last week, Lindows Inc. has finally done it. While the company retains its corporate name, it is building a new corporate Web site at because is no longer in use, and the URL merely forwards to a wholly new URL:

Explaining the total worldwide retreat from the "LindowsOS" name - even though the Microsoft litigation involved only European courts - Robertson explains:

"Microsoft is asking courts to levy massive fines just because users in certain foreign countries can access our website. We can't afford to lose a battle on this topic. Second, we have partnerships with hard disk, motherboard, laptop and desktop companies that want to ship our products to their worldwide market. If they are restricted to certain countries, then it impedes their business and therefore ours."

In other words, despite court victories in the U.S. and other countries, Robertson's decision is that a name change was still necessary to counter Microsoft's strategy of suing Lindows around the world.

In answer to the inevitable questions about whether there will be a huge publicity push in conjunction with the name change, Robertson is at his innovative best:

"We'd like to take out full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal, PC World and eWeek," he says wistfully, "but our budget doesn't allow for that."

Instead, he continues, Lindows Inc has "something even better planned."

"For the next few days," Robertson explains, "we have a special offer where you can receive a copy of Linspire, hot-off-the-presses for free."

The new site explains that, basically, it's all an attempt to help reinforce the new "Linspire" name - without "melting" the company's servers.

"But there's a catch - actually two. First, you must use a special coupon code. Simply click on $49.95 Linspire 4.5 OS from the order page. Then click on the 'Apply Coupon' button and enter the coupon code. Second, the download will only be available from our BitTorrent P2P system so our servers don't melt. Don't worry if you've never tried BitTorrent. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers and is easy to get started. We'll give you step by step instructions. And no, it's not an oversight that I haven't provided the actual coupon code. You'll have to guess what the one-word code is."
It will be interesting to see what folks say about all of this in the Linspire forums. The reaction of the Slashdot community can be found here.

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Most Recent Comments
Nestor Raul Bernal Arias 03/04/05 10:12:09 AM EST

Please i need the cd-product

max 05/25/04 02:44:34 PM EDT

i agree

AjuMatt 04/20/04 04:22:10 PM EDT

Ok, let me get this straigh for all of you. Linspire, aka Lindows< is the greatest Linux based OS I ever used. First of all, I got a coupon code to download Linspire for free. Free highspeed download. It's easy to install. ClickNRun is awesome. For $5 I can spend a month updating software and then cancel the service, Come back and check for newer versions of software or other software I like to download. I just select the programs I want to download. CNR places the files where they should be placed. And I can install stuff on Linux without any complications of files being misplaced. For just $5 I can download $1000 worth of software. or if I'm a pirate, I can go download it from someone else for free. It uses the same Linux software titles. Only an idiot would refuse to use CNR and go buy the software directly from the companies. I think Linspire is great. It's a fact that everyone who uses it, and knows what it's all about, is very thankful to the producers of Linspire.

John 04/15/04 12:50:26 PM EDT

Let's take a look at your real premise here.

You say Linspire will not allow you to download freeware. Well as a matter of fact, OpenOffice, MySQL, and Mozilla can be downloaded from their respective sites and run for ever. So, for $50 I have a pc running a stable OS, Office Suite, Database, and Internet Suite. And I have not paid $1 for any extra services provided by the Lindows/Linspire.

Also, thanks to the install procedures on MySQL and OpenOffice most average users can accomplish it with little or no trouble.

So, you're argument is incorrect and based on ignorant premises. I'd suggest giving it a try if you doubt it.


Roger 04/15/04 11:08:59 AM EDT

"What I do not like is that Linspire wants to capitalize on freeware."

So you don't like McDonalds either, right? They charge a fee for something that's food.

Jiffy Lube is evil too, right? They charge for changing the oil in my car!!! How obscene! I can change the oil in my car myself.

Babysitters too! What a scam that is. They CHARGE to do something I can do for myself free!!!

How dare ANYONE charge me to make my life easier. I have no life, so I love spending hours figuring out how to install all the different Linux programs. I think NO ONE should have the option of paying for the convenience of having open source software digitally delivered and installed. They should all have to learn how to do this. Heck, I had to! It took me hours and hours to figure all this Linux stuff out. I hate the fact that someone can pay $4.95 a month (not $15) and not have to go through all that work!!!

Roger (a nut job just like the Zajac ;-)

Hans 04/15/04 11:03:16 AM EDT


Boy do you have Linspire wrong. Their CNR "service" is an OPTIONAL service that someone can CHOOSE to use if they wish. It's a convenience for those who want to use it, but hardly required.

This would be like looking at two different cars....

One offers the OPTIONAL "On Star" service, the other doesn't. Your logic is to choose the car that doesn't even offer the option because you don't want to buy that service. That's crazy. Just buy the car and don't use the optional service.

You're assuming if I choose to pay someone to cut my hair, I've somehow lost the ability to now cut it myself. That makes no sense.

Linspire is an OS like any Linux OS. You can still download software the traditional way, heck, because Linspire is Debian based, you can even use apt if you like.


Zajac Szarak 04/15/04 10:08:26 AM EDT

Altough I think that Microsoft is wrong and I do not like Microsoft tactics to fight competition I do not like Lindows/Linspire tactic of traping customers as well.

I hope Lindows wins in court the name battle but I hope somebody (maybe customers) will forse Linspire/Lindows to change their unethical tactics as well.

Free Linspire download is a hoax/scam. The slogan of cheap and affordable OS - Linspire for 50 dollars is also a scam to trap naive customers.

Linspire when downloded is a dead operating system becase to use any other programs one has to download it from CNR -Linspire sites and to do so one has to pay 15 dollars a month. It is offered for free for 15 days but even if one download free programs they will not function after 15 days.

If linspire was an operating system giving avarege user ability to download free programs from internet (like any windows user can do) than the price of 50 dollars would be great, but with almost mandatory subscription to CNR at 15 dollars per month makes this operating system quite expensive. Used for 3 year it would cost 590 dollars used for one year only it is 230 dollars - not less expensive than windows.

I hate to be forced to some subscriptions especialy paid ones. This is why I will contiunue to be Windows user even
I do not like Microsoft way of fighting competition. I hate even more to be trapped with slogans that it is less expensive. I have nothing against Linspire and if somebody wants to pay 530 dollars over three years to have this program, thats their choice, but I do not like adverstisment when the emphasis is on low cost when in reality after one buys it one is forced to use a paid service making it more expensive. If the adrevrtisment was clear about $180 dollars (or whatever price with discounts it is) per year subscription that makes this OS useful than I would not write these words.

What I do not like is that Linspire wants to capitalize on freeware. I am talking not only about the operating system (free Linnux) -becuae I would understand 50 $dollars for packaging and making it user friendly for nontechnically oriented people. I am talking about other freeware programs that have to be installed by Linspire only from paid services which in not so long term become more expensive than Windows. I tried early version of Lindows and the way it was created even if there existed other way to downlod and install programs then using paid CNR it was hidden so deep that average user (which is a target customer) would never find it.
I tried to take advantage of the free offer to downlod free Linspire, but I quickly realized that the word free is a hoax. After 15 days I will have to pay $15 per month or have dead Operating system and all the free programs downloded during 15 days of free service will stop functioning.

Shame on Lindows/Linspire

Zajac Szarak